Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea

Understanding The Link Between Alcohol And Cancer. Cancer is among..

Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea

Understanding The Link Between Alcohol And Cancer.

Cancer is among diseases that people are scared of, and it is unfortunate that alcohol consumption is a predisposing factor to this scary disease. Alcohol intake makes a person susceptible to cancer in the colon, breast, and rectal area.

The only way to stay away from cancer is to ensure that you avoid the causative and for this reason, alcohol intake should be reduced in both men and women. Repeated drinking abuse can cause organs of the body such as the liver to malfunction. When you consume alcohol, the sensitive tissues of the upper respiratory tract is exposed to alcohol in beverages causing damage to cells and possibly initiating cancer. cancer of the liver is most likely preceded by alcoholic liver cirrhosis which develops after years of drinking.
Women, alcoholics are more prone to getting breast tumors due to the high alcohol levels. Chances of cancer become even higher in women who take alcohol and are born in a family that has cancer history. In most cases, alcohol drinkers are also smokers and, so lung cancer is high. Other forms of cancer that may result from alcoholism are cancers of the esophagus, the mouth, and the larynx. So many types of cancers do exist, but little information is available as to how they are caused by alcohol.

Alcohol is also known to have compounds that cause cancer as the cigarettes do. Naturally, alcohol is usually harmful to the body as damages the cells. This damage can easily promote cell division, stimulate enzymes which activate other carcinogens and destroy certain compounds that act as preventatives for cancer.

Human beings are naturally born with ability to fight diseases. The immune system was created to keep our bodies healthy. If we do not give our immune system what it needs the result is that we will have weak body defense. One of the effects of alcohol decreased immune function. Therefore people who regularly drink alcohol are regularly inhibiting the ability of their immune system to do its job.

Our body cells are in a state of continuous division, and many ways are there in which they can gain malignancy. However, the body is usually alert and will kill the cells that see abnormal. Drinking alcohol will weaken the immunity reducing its alertness in identifying malignant cells which will result in tumors.

No cancer cure that is known and therefore, it is good to protect yourself by quitting alcohol or taking in a controlled manner. Alcoholism is also a disease but it is different from cancer as it can be cured. If you are an alcoholic and you need to quit to be free from cancer you can visit a medical center in your area or a drug rehabilitation center.

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